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So here's the question: Why can't right handed people learn how to play left handed so Link can remain left handed? I mean, left handedness is what I loved about the old games. Why oh why must he be right handed now?

uhhmmm, i guess just cause it’s 10% of people switching to right-handed as opposed to 90% switching to left?

in addition, when controllers were in one piece they were laid out that way too, the movement joystick on the left and the action buttons and stuff on the right. it was probably easier to change which hand the character uses rather than flip the controller style everyone’s already used to and confuse everyone

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Midna and Zant?

if there’s a pre-insanity Zant then i’d probably like it just fine

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10/10 best couple ever

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Ravio and Link

hnnnnnnn, i haven’t really thought about this one so idk
how old even are they in albw?


did someone say Hyrule Warriors Ravio?
i had to after seeing this post

should i do Hilda next?

cheese and crackers this has more notes than i thought

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Ships: Link and ganon Link and Zelda Tacos and burritos Zelda and Mario Peach and Luigi L and Misa Obama and mitt Romney

woah woah slow down there cowboy

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Sheik & Link

uhhh, it changes around depending on what i feel certain Sheik’s genders and sexes are ovo;;

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Vaati x Zelda

i never finished Minish Cap so i don’t really know

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Link and his hand ;)


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Thoughts on LinkXPipit?