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can u draw a picture of Shad from tp being extremely cute



hopefully i did him some justice ;w;


Queen Zelda from Hyrule Warriors! I’m hyped for this game.

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What's your fave Zelda and why? (Sorry that's probably asked a lot!) Who do you look forward to most in Hyrule Warriors (and anyone who is unlikely to be added?)

it’s always really hard to pick because every game has things i both love and hate! let’s just say, not Phantom Hourglass…

i’m really looking forward to everyone! so many badass ladies! how could i pick one? if i based it on gameplay, tho, i’m probably gonna be all over Zelda, Sheik, Fi and maybe Lana, i do my best with fast fighters! so Impa and Darunia will probably be a challenge for me since they seem to be slower moving ovo;; i really want Nabooru tho! remember how fast the Gerudo are with their double scimitars?? hot damn!

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Have you ever created your own character in the Zelda series or do you usually see things from an NPC or Links perspective?

uhm, i’m can’t quite tell if this is what you’re asking?(the question is worded in a way i honestly don’t really understand) but imma just go with it!
i have sooooo many of my own Zelda characters oh manimage

imagethis Link and Sheik are from some AUs of mine and Gale is an unused npc from Skyward sword

i also have a number of characters i’ve given backgrounds and stuff to
like Owlan:


The Keaton


i also have this Dark Link is a Twili thing:


and uh??? when i’m playing i see from Link’s perspective??
i’m sorry i’m still pretty confused i just wanted to show off all of my babies ovo;;

ask me whatever you want about these characters and AUs if you want! 

my dash is a little dead

why don’t you ask me stuff or something?


Kokiri are definitely my favorite zelda race (and saria is one of my favorite characters ♥♥♥ ).


I took some requests! It was fun! In the second picture I imagine Zelda is good at oil paintings and she likes painting people while Link can somewhat sketch animals and plants with charcoal and Ganondorf is good with calligraphy but he draws buildings every now and then.

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a little less late on the news this time! 
seems i’ve finally found a decent source uwu

Higher Quality scan of Hyrule Warriors Ruto via NintendoEverything

Darunia, Impa’s Alternate Weapons, Ghoma, and Lana’s Nature Powers Featuring the Deku Leaf!! via NintendoEverything